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Joseph D. (Joe) Calvert CSI CDT AHC
307 Oakwood Circle
Vine Grove, KY 40175
C: 502.930.2039
F: 270.351.2312
E: joe@hardware-specs.com
Directions: Calvert Home Office
307 Oakwood Circle, Vine Grove, KY 40175

Map of 307 Oakwood Cir Vine Grove, KY 40175-9442
Note: Mapquest directions to our home are erroneous!!!!!

ph: 270-351-2312, cell: 502-930-2039

From Louisville:
1) I-65 South.
2) I-265 West (the Gene Snyder)
3) 31W South, Dixie Highway toward Fort Knox.
4) Go through Muldraugh and go past the Chaffee Gate as 31W goes through Fort Knox.
5) Take the ramp for Boullion Boulevard West. You will go straight on this for about 2-1/2 miles. It will become Vine Grove Road and then SR 1500.
6) Left onto Safari Trail. This has a regular little green street sign, but there is also a much bigger VFW Post sign with a Coca-Cola sign on the top. There is also a pond on the right. If you see the Bluegrass Dance Barn on the left (with a long white fence), you have gone a little bit too far. Go about ½ mile. Be very careful, because the road is very curvy and quickly up and down. If you see Route 313, you have gone way too far.
7) Right onto Hillview.
8) Left onto Oakwood Circle. House is 307 and on right. Beige with green metal roof.

From Elizabethtown (and south of that):
1) I-65 North.
2) SR 313 Exit, the Joe Prather Highway toward Radcliff and Vine Grove (West).
3) Take it past US 31W and then past SR 1500. It will come to a T at a different part of SR 1500. When you come to the T, turn right on SR 1500. It will become Vine Grove Road and then SR 1500.
4) Right onto Safari Trail. This has a regular little green street sign, but there is also a much bigger VFW Post sign with a Coca-Cola sign on the top. There is also a pond on the left. It is just past the Bluegrass Dance Barn on the right (with a long white fence). Go about ½ mile. Be very careful, because the road is very curvy and quickly up and down.
5) Right onto Hillview.
6) Left onto Oakwood Circle. House is 307 and on right. Beige with green metal roof.
AHC (Architectural Hardware Consultant)
Door and Hardware Institute - July 1997

CDT (Construction Documents Technologist)
Construction Specifications Institute - June 1992
BS - Mechanical Engineering - University of Louisville - May 1987
BA - English - University of Louisville - December 1986
Experience & Bio
Joe Calvert has written hundreds of door hardware specifications for dozens of prestigious architectural firms. Past-president of the Louisville Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, he has published technical articles in the national trade journals of the Door and Hardware Institute and the Construction Specifications Institute as well as the newsletters of the Louisville CSI and the AIA-CKC. He has taught many CEU seminars on Means of Egress, Fire/Life Safety, Security, and the Kentucky Building Code 2002. Additional emphasis has been on electronic access control hardware, demanding maintenance applications, and high-end aesthetics. Multiple letters of recommendation from area architects, owners, and contractors are available.

Joe spent his first (12) years in the hardware industry as a manufacturer’s representative tutored by his father, James Robert (Bob) Calvert, who had some (50) years of experience in the industry. Joe’s grandfather, Delmer James (Del) Calvert was also in the hardware business as president of Monarch Exit Devices. Joe’s approach to selling for some (20) manufacturers was service-based. He personally installed over a hundred exit devices and closers on the hardest hit doors of schools, universities, and hospitals all over Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee side-by-side with the maintenance personnel at those institutions. Representing the electronic access control hardware manufacturers, Locknetics Security Engineering and Architectural Control Systems, Inc., Joe spent countless hours on ladders above drop ceilings trouble-shooting systems while learning from factory engineers. The result of Joe’s experience is an uncommon knowledge of both mechanical and electrical products, an understanding of the installation of those products, and a heightened sensitivity to the needs of the people who operate and maintain institutional openings.

Joe’s next (5) years were spent working for contract hardware distribution in the roles of Manager of Engineering, Technical Manager, and Sales Manager. Eventually, it became clear that Joe’s career love was in the writing of specifications. On November 14, 2006, Joe left the supply-side of the industry to begin full-time self-employment through Calvert Independent Hardware Specifications, LLC, which he had originally incorporated as a part-time endeavor on February 18, 2004. The guiding principal of the founding of CIHS was that the firm's income would be 100% project client based. In other words, all focus is on the needs of the Client because there is no income from other entities. In this way the Client is better served through higher integrity of the bid process, the maximization of competition, and the utilization of all worthy manufacturers and suppliers.

In January of 2008 Calvert IHS, LLC. was blessed to add two employees: Bob Calvert and Joe Schweickhardt. Bob is Joe's dad and retired from the supply side of the hardware industry in December of 2007 after 30 years as a manufacturer's representive. Joe Schweickhardt is a young man with great mechanical sensibilities and an eye for detail.

Joe and his wife, Berta, live in the Kentucky countryside just a few miles from the Gold Repository at Fort Knox. Berta is a native of the Republic of Panama, is retired as the Coordinator of the English as a Second Language Department for the Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville), and teaches Spanish at the University of Louisville and the Elizabethtown Community College Extension at Fort Knox. Their daughter Heather currently attends Medical School at the University of Louisville following graduation from the United States Naval Academy and seven years of military service including two years as Navigator on board a guided-missile destroyer, the U.S.S. John Young. On August 23rd, 2008, Joe was ordained as a Roman Catholic Deacon (not a paid position) after four years of formation in the Diaconate Formation Program of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Joe and Berta stay very busy with their careers, helping at church, and looking after a pair of sweetheart Dobermans named Pax and Aequitas (Latin for "Peace" and "Justice"). Vacations get scheduled about once every two years and have been spent on religious pilgrimages to Mexico, Portugal, Spain and France. Every two weeks or so, they try to get out to the French Range at Fort Knox to unwind with some target shooting.
Joseph D. (Joe) Calvert CSI CDT AHC
Architectural Hardware Specifier
Recent Projects

Now (December 2008) nearing 800 projects completed, I have decided to remove the project list from my website. The most important reason is to respect the confidentiality of my clients. Another reason is a poor effort-to-benefit ratio in maintaining such a list. However, I can point out several projects of particular interest.

I continue to write all of the electrified hardware for the multi-year Lincoln Center Redevelopment Project in Manhattan. I wrote the hardware for the 1,000 door renovation of Churchill Downs. I recently completed the 900 opening Norton Brownsboro Hospital project which included 280 electrified openings. Perhaps more important than my specification was my role in coordinating the responsibilities of all of the trades who have a hand in electrified openings.

I have done a multitude of K12 and University buildings, sports stadiums, courthouses, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing/distribution centers, hotels, churches, banks, buildings on military bases…you name it. Most of my projects have been in Kentucky and surrounding staes, but I have also done projects in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Georgia, Florida, etc. Working on projects outside of my home state is increasing; this makes sense due to the proliferation of electronic communications and the trend toward standardization around the IBC.
Services Offered:
  • Complete Door Hardware specifications. (See note below)
  • Coordinating mechanical, access control, and security hardware procurement and installation responsibilities through the creation of unique coordination documents and the running of meetings involving the Architect, Owner, GC, 'CM', and all affected trades. The goal and effect is to get everyone on the same page.
  • Flush Wood Door specifications.
  • Hollow Metal specifications.
  • Editing of Storefront Aluminum Door specifications.
  • Opening-related electronic riser diagrams.
  • Walk-thru Inspections of Existing Facilities.
  • Production of Guide Specifications for Institutions.
  • Hardware Submittal Checking.
  • Punchlisting.

Note to Architects: When I write a hardware specification, I will be giving you a lot of feedback regarding code issues or things that I am seeing on the plans and door schedule. I also hope to be giving you choices in terms of aesthetics, product selection, and the coordination of electrified hardware for all of the affected trades.
Fee Structure:
Clients have different needs and practices. Fee structures have included:
1. Straight hourly rate.
2. Fixed "by the opening" cost for the specification. Hourly rate for submittal checking, inspections, and other post-bid work.
3. Fixed "by the opening" cost for specification and hardware submittal checking.
4. "Not to exceed" cost based on initial estimate.

I am open to other ideas as well. The important thing is to have open communications and to find a method that is fair to both the Client and the consultant for each project. Let’s find the structure that best suits you!